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We Lords Mark Insurance Broking Services Pvt.Ltd. is registered under companies act 2013 on 15th Dec.2021 and has been licensed by IRDAI. LMIBS is the subsidiary of Lords Mark group, brief tour about ourselves is given as under:-

Briefs about Lords Group:-

Today, there are below business units operating under the banner of Lords Mark group.

Paper Industry:

In 1998, Lords started with a computer continuous paper stationery and copy paper manufacturing unit under the brand name "SAPPHIRE." The company has been in this industry for over two decades and produces some of the highest-quality products available. In paper products, the company produces reservation charts, Railway tickets, coupons, postal acknowledgment slips, and stationery required by our defense.

Major customers are the Central Railway, Western Railway, Southern Railway, North Railway, Eastern Railway, Postal Stores Depots at Kolkata and Chennai, Mumbai Indian Oil Corporation, Godrej & Boyce Ltd., State Bank of India, and Life Insurance Corporation of India. The company has a presence at all levels in India.

LED- Solar Power

LED/ Solar is one of the important business units of the Lords Mark Group. The company is in the distribution of solar-based products and appliances to promote a green environment and reduce the dependency on traditional energy resources. The products are off-grid solar plants, on-grid solar plants, solar home lighting systems, solar street light systems, RMS-based solar street lights, all types of LED lights, etc. Lords have been engaged with the government of India for smart city projects to provide solar lighting systems and solar pumps to the village areas.

Brahmastra Defence Techno Products Limited

This is a new company that manufactures anti-drone devices and other defense equipment. The main aim is to develop indigenous defense technology and contribute to building the nation.

Healthcare & Diagnostics:

LordsMed is a division of Lords Mark Industries Pvt. Ltd. The specialized areas of business are diagnostics, hygiene care, and pharmaceuticals. LordsMed has more than 30 registered brands, including the ICMR-approved LordsMed rapid antigen kit.

Lord Automative Pvt. Ltd.:

It manufactures electric vehicles (EVs), which include e-scooters, auto rickshaws, and electric garbage vans.


Dr. Sachidanand H Upadhyay

Promoter Director

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Mr. S. K. Raghav

Managing Director & Principal Officer

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Mr. Vinay Sarda


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Ms. Monica Pandey

Sr. Sales Manager

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Mr. Parag Khot

Accounts Manager

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Ms. Rutuja Shinde

MIS & Claim Support

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Mr. Sumit Sartape

Sr. HR & Admin

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Mr. Aniket Kank

Quotation Executive

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Our Services

Remember, insurance is like a parachute. The only opportunity to test it is when you have to use it. At which time, one is more concerned with the quality than the price! As an esteemed PSU, corporation, or reputed Indian citizen, it is assumed that you have engaged a personal doctor, a personal advocate in different fields, financial consultants, CAs, and other technical consultants. Can you ever think to appoint an insurance consultant who can analyze your risk, save you unnecessary premiums, advise the right policy, and assist you at the time of an eventuality to protect your legitimate insurance claim relating to assets, human resources, machinery, etc.?

Possibly, the answer will be negative. Human Resources, Even though you have all kinds of policies in place to protect the assets, you are not fully aware of how they work. As a result, if you are misshaped, you will be the loser and a puppet in the hands of insurance personnel during an emergency. Liabilities can sometimes become personal liabilities for employees or you. IRDAI, the regulator of the insurance business, is more concerned with stopping the unethical practices and kiosks created by unskilled players in the field. The main aim of regulators is to engage experts for counseling, care, and ease in claim settlement.

IRDAI has issued a license to us. Our scope of work is given below. The cost to the company is zero, as it will be born by the insurer.

For Individuals

  • Assess the risk of an individual’s family, considering the working conditions, family liabilities, income, and risks in relation to each other, to ascertain the expected future risk.
  • Examine the existing insurance policies, compare them to the estimated risk, and make recommendations accordingly.
  • Suggest a suitable policy with the lowest possible rate and maximum risk coverage. On receiving approval from the insured, arrange the policy with the insurer.
  • Assist the insured at the time of claim arrises.
  • Any other services required by the insured relating to insurance domain.

For Corporates

  • Pre- Placement Activities
  • Placement Activities
  • Post Placement Activities
  • Claims Management
  • Miscellaneous Services

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Our Mission

जन जन बीमा , घर घर बीमा ( JAN JAN BIMA, HAR GHAR BIMA)

Our Vision

To educate, increase the trust & insurance penetration, so as to develop insurance culture in India to minimise financial risk with the generation of employment to society for prosperity and happiness.